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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Infants​ & Toddlers


Infants are taken care with utmost attention. Their food, nap and diaper changes are noted and Parents are notified on daily basis.

Soothing music is played for buggy drives and in the class. Our children grow up in smiles. 

Daily Schedules of Feeding, Diaper Changing, Nap Time and health are monitored and are informed to Parents on Daily basis.

Our focus is on Healthy, Happy and Hygiene way on growing up for our Infants and Toddlers. 



Our nurturing environment provides the structure that allows the student to grow and learn while feeling safe and comfortable. At Preschool we introduce students to circle time, and songs.

The weekly themes in our Preschool promote independence through child centered and teacher directed activities throughout the day. Self-help skills such as eating skills,potty training, hand washing, and independently cleaning up are among the skills taught in the classroom. Each child is sent home with a daily sheet that explains activities, toileting, eating and rest time.The activities in our classroom are developed to create learning and social experiences such as shapes, colors, numbers and letters through play and activities. There is an emphasis on numbers, pre-writing skills, shape identification, letter recognition, simple sounds and simple addition and subtraction.
 Art and music also play a role in the development of our Preschool. Our children are encouraged to sing, dance, paint and draw. This emphasis on art and music helps our children to develop a strong sense of purpose and well-being, and an ability to express themselves.

Pre Kindergarten

​Our room is a happy busy place to be. There are lots of activities to choose from. We have interactive table activities and projects. We practice our numbers and letters; learn about phonics, patterns, rhyming words and sight words. We use the “start smart” series of books to help us learn to read.
We love our numbers.  We use addition and subtraction in many different activities. We can even count from 1-10 in Spanish.
It’s not all work and no play in our classroom. We love to sing. We learn 2-3 new songs a month. One of our favorite activities is folding and cutting paper to make our “magic shapes” 
Socializing is also a big part of our day. We play,  run, jump, slide and ride bikes on the playground. Every Friday we have sharing, an opportunity to use language development, speech and responsibility.

School Age

After School children are picked up the near by schools to our facility through our transport (School Van). Our Staff assist them in completing their homework and learning. Children enjoy spending time with our staff and our Facility.

​It is very exciting being at Iconic Kids Child Care & Learning Center. We do our best to bring maximum impact to this fun age. Children are given multiple opportunities to learn, grow, and develop healthy habits in a safe and nurturing environment.

Age appropriate academics are also important in School Age.

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