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Dear Parents,


          Welcome to Iconic Kids Child Care & Learning Center. The place where your children's Safety, Health, Social & Emotional needs and Education are most important to us. We believe in fostering the whole child. We are a multicultural school and believe everyone is important.

          At Iconic Kids Childcare, we provide a wonderful environment for children to grow as they have fun learning. We serve Infants, Preschool and School age children. It’s rewarding to see all of them creating happy and loving memories each day. Every morning we are excited to see them ready to learn and play at our school.

          We stand apart from the other childcare centers because of the services we provide! We are very flexible and accommodating to family’s needs. Every decision we make is based on what is best for our children.  Our dedicated and caring teachers are always with our children and are consistent.

Our Mission: Iconic Kids Childcare & Learning Center goal is to help families while providing Quality Education and Care.

What make us so special are our services

  1. Daycare & School Program - Infant to School age (0 to 12 years). Distance Learning if needed.

  2. Food Program - We provide breakfast and snacks for our children at the facility. Food Program is monitored with utmost care.

  3. Transport Facility - We provide pick and drop from school for our school age kids.

  4. Library and Modern training methods - Appropriate Books and videos in the Library help our kids in learning. Our Kids(above 4 years) are also trained on how to use I-pad to get IT ready for the future.

  5. Huge Play Area - Our children love playing in the outdoor play area.

  6. Child Daily Progress - Every child's progress is available to the parent throughout the day on Bright Wheel. Parents are able to get pictures and live updates to their phone. Including  : Incidents/Accidents, Curriculum and a way to communicate with your child teacher.

  7. Field Trips

  8. Science camps and much more

  9. We have an open door policy for our families

  10. We provide our staff on going Staff Development opportunities


Make an appointment to take an Onsite tour or virtually!

Call/Text Us at - 1-916-225-2374 for more information.

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