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Rocket Launch - Science work shop

We are very excited to invite you all for one more science Work shop for all Children and Parents.

This time its about Rockets. This Christmas lets travel in space. Keep Watching for More information ...


Contact us to enroll into the work shop.  

Halloween Day Celebrations

       Halloween Day Celebrations at Iconic Kids Childcare this year is going to be very exciting with Halloween Party Lunch, Costume Parade, Candies, Halloween Crafts and Science Projects in the Play area.  Its going to be lot on fun and we wish our Iconic Kids have more wonderful memories added to our school records.


You are welcome to suggest new ideas for our celebrations and learnings.  Please write down your ideas and suggestions on paper and give it to class teachers or you can also email it to us.

Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch - 24th October

Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch including Educational tour with Hay ride and Pumpkins for Preschool and Pre-K kids on 24th of October.

     On 24th October our field trip bus will start between 9:00 to 9:30 am. Parents please collect field trip forms from the class teachers and submit the filled forms at the office. 

Cost of the trip $8.00 includes the Educational tour with hay ride and Pumpkins. (Due date for the payments - Monday 23rd October).

** Parents please bring car seats and a cold lunch for your kids.

For more details please contact class teachers.

Science Work Shop - August

Solar Eclipse on 21st August was our concept for Science Work shop for this Quarter. With a small setup using Mirrors and a White board, we showed our IKCL children a live show on Solar Eclipse. Mr. Sri explained to the children how eclipse occurs. Under the guidance of our staff, Children actively participated. The curiosity of the children enthralled us all.  Thanks to all the participants for making our effort a success.  Please share your opinions with us.

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